Josselin Medieval Festival

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josselin1Tomorrow, the town of Josselin, which will host a new Medieval Festival, will be plunged into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Gentlemen, ladies, squires, jugglers and hucksters have made a habit of being in the city of the dukes of the old town, the Rohan castle and feet along the canal. The festival was launched in 1992 and after seven years of lethargy from 2001, the millennium of Josselin in 2008, who remounted.

The festival starts tonight, with a medieval market. Tomorrow, the parade of knights before the combat of the thirty, will begin at 10 h 30. That fight saw in 1351 to oppose between Josselin and PloĆ«rmel, thirty Breton knights English knights and 30, the latter having experienced the horrors of defeat . Throughout the day, musicians, jugglers, magicians, archers, acrobats and dancers will animate the streets. We can also witness a knights’ tournament in the fighting knights walk and see people a weapons camp. Thirty troops will ensure the show but also the residents, merchants and volunteers dressed in period costume. The parade in period costume to the Castle, highlight of the festival, will begin at 19 pm.

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